Plan for my final project

According to the website Digital Storytelling, the configuration of the media can be divided into three

Parts: single media, multiple media, multimedia. I will use the multiple design for my final project.

I would like to use the story as the introduction of my topic. I think this would have more attractiveness to the reader as the topic itself may be boring to most people.

The approaches that used for my topic:

  1. Audio
    1. Interview staff from NGO(fight against air pollution) like Clear The Air.
    2. Interview Frank C about his personal point of view of the worsening air pollution in Hong Kong (I will do video if audio)
  1. Video
    1. I may use a video clip from RTHK since it is hard to capture the video of air pollution since it is too abstract and cost consuming. Like if I want to shoot the power plant in Lamma Island then I should take ferry to there; If I want to shot the worsening air pollution in Tung Chung, I may need to the suitable days for shooting.
  1. Photos
    Photographs can help us see things about a story that words cannot convey. However, there are not too many diversified photos I can take. Photos will add to text-based stories.

    1. Contrast the air pollution in the past and nowadays
    2. Anything relevant to this topic
    3. The people involved in the interview

  2. Graphic
    1. Tables will be used as to show the static’s of the air pollution index in recent year
    2. Pie chart will be used to indicate the source of the air pollution
    3. Number of people affected by the worsening air pollution
    4. Timelines will be made to show the government effort put on improving air pollution this year.
  3. Text
    Foust said, “Despite the Web’s great potential for delivering a multimedia experience with sounds and visuals, words are still the most important element of online communication.”

    1. I may email or call the Environmental Protection Department about my final project. The information I get will be converted into text.
    2. Interview the asthmatics troubled by the worsening air pollution (with photos)

  4. Hyperlink
    All the relevant website will be put on the website so that the readers can go further for detail and exploring of the topic

  5. Opinion from readers
    1. The readers can leave their comments.
    2. A link to my blog is provided .
    3. Email will be provided.

3 responses to “Plan for my final project

  1. Be careful about taking video from other sources: will you have permission from RTHK to use their video?

  2. That is very educational article!!!

  3. This makes great sense to anyone..

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