Seminar on Chinese Grassroot Media:In Search of Free-thinking

This is Isaac Mao, the speaker of “Seminar on Chinese  Grassroot Media: In Search of Free Thinking”. He is a Shanghai-based blogger, software architect, entrepreneur and investor.
He spoke about the emergence of China’s new media and the barriers to free speech and free thinking on the mainland last Tuesday in HKU.

Issac indicated the Three walls in China: one is Free Access, one is free speech, one is free thinking. They all include censorship on education, political and media control , blockage of accessibility of websites, etc.

He also mentioned the current thinkg model of Chinese, about 90% are silent group, while only 0.5% group has free thinking model. Few are aggressive like Furong Jiejie, who harnesses bbs and blog(this is her blog) to realize her dream.

The thinking model:
90% Silence

7% Defence

1% Funtional

1% Aggressive

0.5% FreeAs showned in the table:

 Issac think that the blogging can improve free thinking in China. Since the blogging is a self-organized learning activities. In the process of writing ,editing and publishing, you will learn. In addition, you can learn how to collaborate with other bloggers and get involved in the trust network. Bloggers can gain new social identity in the web.Nowdays, there are 600,000 bloggers in mainland China. Admist those group of people, some just want to have a quiet place on their own. That’s why they become the bloggers.


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